We are Blessed

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We are blessed everyday by our wonderful customers! It is amazing to see the faith of even our youngest visitors to the store. These three beautiful children were quick to share their love of God. They are too precious for words!

We are grateful to our friends, family, and our customers for supporting us. A special Thank you to Lynn for praying for us continually. The first time we met Lynn, she prayed for our store. What a awesome experience it was to know we were being prayed for by a friend we did not yet know. God is good. Nancy, Liz, Ken and Barbee

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Our Apology

In our store, on God’s Holy Ground, we invited a local artist to paint children’s faces. A sweet family came in to enjoy our Blessing celebration. A precious little girl asked to have a dragon painted on her face and was told it was a devil and she was made to feel embarrassed. How we regret this incident!

We are not going to get into a theological discussion of dragons and the Bible. This child was blameless and did not deserve to be treated with criticism.

As a resident of Southlake and a mom of a past captain of the Carroll Dragon’s football team, a daughter who was captain of the Carroll Dragons tennis team, and an all state Carroll Dragon’s hockey goalie, please know that the view expressed by our store face painter was not shared by Holy Grounds.

Our prayer is that family will forgive us for this incident, and that they will come back in for a special gift from us.

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Store Blessing

Although we have been open since September, we have yet to have our store blessed!

At 11:00 this Saturday, Holy Grounds will have our official Store Blessing. There will be gifts for the first 100 guests and lots of snacks. Throughout the day, we will have different surprises, including face painting, bubbles, and an artist signing original work.

Please come by and share this special day with Nancy, Liz, Barbee and Ken!.

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Webkinz and Jesus

Our first shipment of Webkinz arrived at the store yesterday. We struggled with this purchase for our inventory. These furry pets are the new rage with young kids. After some we research we decided that the family values on the Webkinz website are sound. By selling these popular stuffed animals, kids of all ages will be visiting our shop giving us an  opportunity to be Jesus with “skin-on” to those  who would not ordinarily come into our store.

Come in today for a new Webkinz friend—–and while you are here visit our real furry friends, Ken (Miniature Schnauzer puppy) and Barbee (Black Lab).

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A Home Built on Holy Ground

We learn something new every day !!! We had a customer come in today who shared with us a special tradition her daughter has started with her family. Before the foundation was laid for their new house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, they placed a family bible in a waterproof box and placed it in the area of the entry hall. The foundation was then poured. This home was definitely built on “Holy Ground”!

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Interesting Reading for Spring Break

We have so many new titles to choose from for spring break reading! Rob Bell has a new book —-Sex God —-Exploring the Endless connections between Sexuality and Spirituality. The title is intriguing.The chapter titles are quirky—God Wears Lipstick, Leather, Whips and Fruit, and Whooppee Forever  to mention a few, but the content is relevant and theologically sound. Mr. Bell says sex and God are connected and they can’t be separated—where there is one, you will always find the other.

The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert, MD is filled with  advice for staying healthy. A tip a day for 50 days makes this plan easy to follow. Small changes add up to big results. The Biblical references are helpful—-he shares timeless biblical truths as he reintoduces us to the basics of good health. He stresses the importance of eating organically. ( We have several selections of organic coffee at Holy Grounds!).

We have many more titles to choose from.  Come by for a cup of coffee, and visit Barbee and Ken (our store dogs) and remember…Smile more—-Growl Less—It’s a good way to live!

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Dealing with the public is an awesome privilege.

Dealing with the public is an awesome privilege.  Our customers come in for many reasons—- for help finding a book for a grieving loved one, for a birthday gift for a special friend, and sometimes just to get a free cup of coffee and pet our store dogs  (Barbee and Ken)!

It is such a joy to see old friends as well as new ones walk through the door. The smell of coffee seems to put everyone in a good mood! We have loyal and fun customers! Our fridge is stocked with juice boxes and snacks for the kiddos and there is always a plate of yummy cookies by the coffee urns. It is our goal to make our customers feel welcome—- a little snack to feed their tummy as well as books and Christian gifts to feed their souls.

Just wanted to share  a little about a special customer we had this week. A handsome blind gentleman came in with his wife to check out the coffee samples. He has an online chat group (audio) with other blind people. They can not see, but they can taste, smell, hear and touch! They take turns sampling different items. One person buys the item, divides it up mails it to the group—they all taste it and discuss it on line. It is more than a tasting club! It is an online fellowship of handicapped persons who choose to participate in life and lift each other up. The anticipation of the packages coming in the mail seems to be half of the fun! 

There is much to be learned from this sweet man. Rather than feeling terminally unique, he  joined others with the same handicap and found  “common ground”  that brings joy to many.  This is what we would call “Holy Ground”!

Until next week    

Nancy and Liz 


SMILE MORE…GROWL LESS…Its a good way to live 
(Barbee and Ken)

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Sheri Rose Shepherd visits Holy Grounds

Liz – Sheri Rose Shepherd – Nancy

Sheri Rose Shepherd visited Holy Grounds last Tues. She is from Bend
Oregon and the author of many books including His Princess, His Little
Princess, My Prince will come and many more. She was very gracious 
and signed books and talked with several of her fans that showed up with
books. She bought a gift for her daughter Emily, then headed to dinner
with James and Betty Robinson. Her show at Life Today will air March 19.

Although Sherry Rose is well known for her ‘Princess” ministry,
( website hisprincess.com ) she was in town promoting her new book,
Preparing Him for the Other Woman
This book addresses the role a
mother plays in her young son’s life. She is the best person to teach
her son how to be a good husband.

“What kind of husband will your son grow up to be?

Men spend years in marriage trying to figure out how to love and
understand their wives, only to wind up frustrated and ready to give up.
Who better to help a man begin to understand a woman than his mother?
While you hope and pray for your son’s future marriage, the time for
your powerful influence is now!
“Don’t wait for the world to change its
morality; let Preparing Him for the Other Woman show you how to shape
your son’s character”.

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